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With the 2018 NAMM show upon us, we’ll be out of the office for most of the week, but we will announce some goodies coming up soon.  We also recently produced a one-off Fuzz Universe for an artist that looked so wicked, we’ll be doing a limited run soon - it features the standard Fuzz Universe guts and Black/Green label in an all white chassis.





Well it's been a little while since our last update, but we've been busy with all kinds of activity going on. First of all, thank you to all those that attended our NAMM booth in January. We had a real blast. Autograph signings with Doug Aldrich, Marty Friedman, Mike Spreitzer and short visits by Paul Gilbert and Ty Tabor of King's X highlighted the proceedings. We also showed an early prototype of our new SST speaker simulator pedal, capably demoed by Larry Mitchell, Rob Balducci and Stefano Xotta.

More on the SST in coming months - but all that heard the pedal at our booth can attest how amazing that little box sounds. Look out for videos soon.

About the SST, we're still working on the pedal, making sure that it's as bodacious as possible at release. We're hoping to have the pedal ready to ship sometime in May.

We'd also like to welcome brand new Majik Box endorser Patrick Kennison, who plays guitar in Lita Ford's band. Patrick is an amazing player, and we're happy to have him rocking out with a Fuzz Universe providing all of the extra juice he needs in front of his Marshall JCM800 amps

On the dealer front, we'd like to welcome aboard Dan's Guitar on Oahu - quite simply the best guitar store on the islands. Please check out Dan's Guitar if you are ever lucky enough to be in Hawaii.



Pre-order time is over for the Body Blow Jake E Lee Mod.  Shipping starts this week!  

We'd like to thank Jake and his tech Scott Bell for helping us with filming of the video.  Be sure to catch Jake and Red Dragon Cartel on tour in November with former Badlands cohort Greg Chaisson handling the bass duties this time out. They're going to rock!


Well, it's almost here! The Body Blow Jake E Lee mod. We're accepting pre-orders starting today, and will be shipping beginning September 15. All pre-orders are guaranteed to ship by that date. But the best part? Jake agreed to autograph a quantity of pre-ordered pedals! Those of you who have been patiently waiting - now is the time!

We took a little road trip to visit Jake in Vegas recently, and had a great time. Hanging out with Jake, his tech Scott Bell at the beautiful Tone Factory recording studio was truly a blast! While there, we produced a video with Jake discussing the development process demonstrating the pedal with classic Badlands and Red Dragon Cartel riffs throughout. Watch out for this video soon.


All Access

We are very proud to announce our new, exclusive distribution deal in Japan with All Access. In addition to Majik Box, All Access is the exclusive distributor for Shure, Tech 21 and Voodoo Lab. All Majik Box product will be available in Japan at your favorite music store, via All Access. Please feel free to contact them at the below phone number for any questions regarding Majik Box in Japan.

TEL 052-443-5537

Red Dragon Cartel

We've been getting lots of questions about the mysterious pedal on Jake E Lee's current pedal board. This pedal is a heavily modified Body Blow that was based on close collaboration between Jake, his tech Scott Bell and Majik Box. The mod adds slightly more gain and super thick low mids to the Body Blow, giving single note lines a huge infusion of girth and muscle. You can hear Jake using this pedal live on tour all summer for all of his thick, blistering leads. We're working with Jake now to ready the pedal for release this summer.


Well, it's taken a bit longer than expected, due to some unexpected delays in production, but we're now ready to officially ship the RF-LTD-5. For those who have waited, we thank you for your patience. We will begin shipping the RF-LTD5 on Tuesday, April 1.

Lots of you have been asking about the mysterious pedal that Jake E Lee has been using on tour with Red Dragon Cartel. The pedal in question is a heavily customized Body Blow pedal. Modified with a completely different EQ curve, with a bigger low end and more mids, with a touch more gain, the mod really thickens Jake's lead tone. Though we're still working out details with Jake and his tech Scott to release his custom model, we can modify a stock Body Blow to the custom specs (though the graphic will be that of the regular Body Blow and will still come with the two mini toggle switches). There will be an additional surcharge of $50 USD for the mod. Send us an email at: if you're interested.


Happy New Year! NAMM is here and we're all here at the beautiful Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim. Please stop by and see us at booth #4394 in Hall C. You'll see the just unveiled Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel 5th Anniversary Limited Model (Just 250 available worldwide) and a other new things.Speaking of the Doug Aldrich RF-LTD5, it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a set of commemorative picks. These are on sale now, and will begin shipping the week of February 3. Order it now - get it early!



Two days before Thanksgiving, and we've just started to box up our first few Bipolar Fuzz pedals. Ever since we showed Bipolar Fuzz prototype #1 at the NAMM show in January, we've been getting steady inquiries about the pedal and questions regarding the release. Production prototypes were used by Korn and Marty Friedman on their respective recordings (hear the Bipolar Fuzz on Korn's Paradigm Shift CD and Marty's upcoming solo disc Inferno.) And now the time has finally arrived. We'll begin shipping the Bipolar Fuzz starting next week. We're really proud of the pedal and hope you guys dig it as much as we do.

In addition, we've been busy cooking up a few new surprises for NAMM. We'll be in Hall C this time, booth #4394. Please come say hello!

Happy Thanksgiving!


As you all probably know, Majik Box pedals have been sold exclusively on-line, on this very web-site exclusively in the U.S. That is, until now. We are proud to announce that Majik Box pedals are now available at select Sam Ash Music locations (look at the distributor and dealers section for a location near you) and at the two Bananas At Large locations for those of you in Northern California. So now U.S. residents have a choice. Buy directly from us, or walk into a select Sam Ash or Bananas store and buy from them. Yeah!

Now Available at Select Sam Ash Music Locations

We'd like to of all thank you all for the incredible reception that Filthy Lucre has received. It is quickly becoming one of our best selling pedals, and it has been showing up on pedal boards everywhere! Special thanks to Tracii Guns (LA Guns, Raiding the Rock Vault, League of Gentlemen) who has been a fantastic evangelist for the Filthy Lucre. Look out for a video feature on Tracii and his Vegas extravaganza Raiding the Rock Vault rig coming soon.

We are also please to announce that Josh Rand, one half of the amazing guitar duo in Stone Sour is the latest endorser of the Body Blow overdrive. Josh did a shoot out between the Body Blow and his old favorite overdrive and dare I say it, according to Josh, the Body Blow simply blew the other pedal away. Josh now has all three of his live rigs equipped with the BB-1


After a short delay on parts, we are finally in full swing production of the Filthy Lucre and now shipping within a week of orders being placed.

Thanks so much to Vic Johnson of Sammy Hagar's band who was gracious enough to do a demo video on the Filthy Lucre for us, showing how he creates his big tone using his new favorite box. Vic's new travel rig for all Sammy Hagar fly dates consists of just the Filthy Lucre for all distortion tones, a Boss DD-3 delay and a Boss PS-3 pitch shifter used for slight detune. This rig is used in conjunction with two rented Marshall JCM800 heads and cabs, when he cannot bring his full back line.

Also please check out Rob Balducci's fine review of the Body Blow pedal on our Facebook page.


The wait is finally over! The proto-type Filthy Lucre proved to be the hit of the Majik Box NAMM show booth in January, with artists as diverse as Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake and Vic Johnson of Sammy Hagar & The Wabos wowing the crowds with the thick and meaty tones of the Filthy Lucre. Ever since then, we've received inquiries far and wide regarding the availability of the pedal. We are happy to annonce that this his filthy beast finally starts shipping next week.


Visit us at NAMM 2013 Booth 2496 Hall D

Booth Performances and Appearances:

Thursday, Jan 24

1:30 PM - Rob Balducci Performance
3 PM - Larry Mitchell Performance
4 PM - Rob Balducci Concert at the NAMM Venue stage presented by Majik Box

Friday, Jan 25

12 Noon - Larry Mitchell Performance
4 PM - Rob Balducci Performance

Saturday, Jan 26

1 PM - Larry Mitchell Performance
2 PM - Doug Aldrich Autograph Signing
3 PM - Rob Balducci Performance
4 PM - Vic Johnson Autograph Signing


Happy New Year! We are starting our year preparing for our first NAMM booth. Show dates are Jan 24-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Please visit us at booth 2496 in Hall D if you are attending. Appearing at our booth will be Doug Aldrich, Munky, Vic Johnson, and special live performances by Larry Mitchell and Rob Balducci. Inaddition, we will be debuting our latest pedals at the show. Hope to see you there! And if you can't make it, please visit our Facebook page for periodic updates.



We begin shipping the Fuzz Unverse Custom late next week for those wanting the latest and greatest version of this fantastic pedal. The Fuzz Universe Custom uses our Quiet Click technology, substantially reducing the "click" noise when engaging the footswitches (which occurs on any true bypass pedal). The footswitches utlized are authentic Carling footswitches for optimal relay operation, and a cool new white motif, designed by Paul himself. Of course, the original Fuzz Universe will still always be available.

Be sure to check out the great review of the Krush Distortion on Guitar World online. Check it out here:


One of our favorite player's, Rob Balducci has joined the Majik Box fold, and will be endorsing and using the Body Blow and Venom Boost. Learn more about Rob at:

Please welcome our first dealer in Mexico, Quality Guitar. If you should happen to be below the border, please check them out. Find out more at


Thank you for the incredible response to the Krush Distortion! We started shipping today (sorry for the slight delay.) We still have a few Munky picks left, so if you place your order soon, you'll get one along with your Krush Distortion order.

Many thanks to Sebastien Paquet who shot the incredible Krush Distortion video for us, and provided the cool shots for the splash page and Guitar World ad.

Munky is currently out on tour with Korn in the U.S. rocking out his Krush - be sure to catch them if they happen to roll into your town.

Paul Gilbert is currently working on his next studio album in Los Angeles. Looking forward to Paul taking the Fuzz Universe to new heights on this one!

Also, for a good healthy dose of southern rock, check out 3 Doors Down along with ZZ Top and Gretchen Wilson on the Gang of Outlaws tour running through the end of June in the U.S.

In dealer / distributor news, we'd like to welcome Music Gallery in Italy to the fold. If you're in Italy, please give their website a visit:


Happy Easter! It's getting close to the release of the Krush Distortion. We'd like to thank everybody for the incredible response we've received so far. Remember, if you pre-order before midnight April 30, you will receive a special "vintage" pick from Munky.

Those who were inquiring about Small and Medium Rocket Fuel T-shirts, they are now back in stock, so get yours now.

Also please welcome our new Italian distributor Music Gallery and Music Data in the Czech Republic / Slovakia.


Well, we're just getting geared up to go into production on a new signature pedal with James "Munky" Shaffer from Korn called the Krush Distortion. We we're working long and hard on a metal style distortion pedal, and when we started working with James, everything just fell together. You'll have to watch the video to get the full effect, but this thing just well...Krushes! If you've ever desired that Korn distortion tone, or just wanted a box that could provide you with that massive, high gain metal tone out of just about any amp, here it is. The bonus is that James has also mapped out a setting on the Krush to help you dial in that Korn lo-fi tone that you hear on a lot of intros and breakdowns on their recordings.

We're taking pre-orders for the Krush now, which means if you order on or before April 30, you will receive a "Munky" pick with your order, yup, one from his live rack drawer. So be sure to place your order now. The pre-order pedals are scheduled to start shipping the week of April 30.

Please welcome our new dealer Sounds Great which is our first in the UK. If you're in that part of the world, your in luck, because those guys will really go out of their way to take care of you. Cheers to our friends at Sounds Great.

If your planning on checking our the Frankfurt Messe fair this year (March 21-24), please be sure to stop by and visit our friends at Loopers Paradise at Hall 4.1, Booth B20. They will be displaying the entire line of Majik Box pedals at the booth. Thanks Frank!


Happy New Year everybody!  Winter NAMM begins this week and we do have a few new surprises for you which will be announced around shortly thereafter. 

Thank you for the amazing response that we've gotten for the Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel LTD.  They took a bit longer than we expected to get out the door, but everything is sorted out now, and if you ordered the Rocket Fuel LTD. package and haven't yet recieved yet, you will soon.  Thank you for patience! 

If you're a Los Angeleno who's had a chance to check out one of  Dave Navarro's Camp Freddy gigs recently has heard the Body Blow in full flight.  His tone with the Body Blow / JCM900 head/cab combination is nothing short of stunning!  Also, be sure to check out Paul Gilbert's gig Friday night, the 20th at Anaheim Plaza Hotel, Anaheim, CA as part of Deke's Guitar Geek Festival around NAMM.



December is here, and we're all getting ready for the holidays, which means getting all our Christmas shopping in. Well, in order to help, I thought I'd mention some new Majik Box stuff that might be the perfect gift for your guitar playing friends, or for yourself!

First of all, we start shipping the limited edition Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel LTD next week. This pedal is identical to the original Rocket Fuel in terms of sound, but the casing gets a very special anodized treatment we've developed with a custom Majik Box "Copper Patina" color pattern. This special process conforms to Mil-A-8625, ASTM, Military and Automotive Standards but most of all, looks amazing!! We are only offering 100 of these special boxes worldwide and for a limited time. Each Rocket Fuel LTD. will come with Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered by Doug Aldrich and a Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel T-Shirt in your favorite size.

Next, for those who would like to wear their Majik Box, in addition to playing though them, we are offering for the first time, Fuzz Universe and Rocket Fuel T-shirts. These are high quality, Hanes Tagless, premium cotton variety. Be sure to check them out on the new merch page.

We hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday season!


Wow guys! Thank you for the unbelievable response on the Kryptonite Overdrive. Those of you who are waiting to get one will not be dissapointed!

Munky from Korn visited the Majik Box studio this week and checked out some of our pedals, including a few new prototypes. Needless to say, it was a great time, hearing Munky jam some of his infamous Korn riffs using my trusty Ibanez 7VWH. I'd venture to say that you'll be seeing and hearing some Majik Box on his new pedal board soon.

Munky from Korn

Spoke with Doug Aldrich last week. He wanted to let me know that his partner in crime Reb Beach has been using a Rocket Fuel as his main overdrive on the current Whitesnake tour, so if you're lucky enough to get to one of the shows, you're going to hear dueling Rocket Fuels. Cool!

Check out the latest issue of Guitar World (December cover) featuring our very first ad in the magazine featuring Paul Gilbert and the Fuzz Universe.

Guitar World Dec 2011


Kryptonite Overdrive

We are proud to introduce the latest in our line of signature pedals, the Matt Robert's (3 Doors Down) signature overdrive. We can't be happier with how the pedal came out! The Kryptonite Overdrive will officially start shipping at the end of this week. Direct price is $229.99 plus shipping. Here is the official press release:

Majik Box unveils the new Matt Roberts signature Kryptonite Overdrive pedal.

(TORRANCE, CA) October 3, 2011 - Majik Box, makers of the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe and Doug Aldrich Rocket Fuel pedals release their third signature pedal, the Kryptonite Overdrive. This pedal was designed to produce the “radio ready” signature guitar tones of Matt Roberts, lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock act 3 Doors Down, who released their new album, Time of My Life in August.

The Kryptonite Overdrive is simple in concept, featuring only 3 knobs (drive, level and tone controls) making the pedal incredibly easy to use. Designed in close collaboration with Roberts, guitar tech Jeff Chase and Majik Box engineers, the Kryptonite Overdrive was carefully tuned to produce thick rhythm and saturated lead tones, when used in conjunction with any lightly distorted amp, suitable for all modern rock applications.

The pedal features true bypass switching, like all Majik Box pedals, eliminating tone degradation when in bypass mode and features Majik Box’s road proof construction and hand wired assembly. “I can’t describe how happy I am about this pedal. When I play, my signature Kryptonite Overdrive is on all the time. The only time I ever switch it off is for clean sounds. It’s a huge part of my guitar tone,” said Roberts.

Since forming in 1995, Mississippi rock quintet 3 Doors Down has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide, garnered three Grammy nominations, two American Music Awards, and five BMI Pop Awards for songwriting, including BMI’s coveted "Songwriter of the Year" award. The band’s debut album, 2000’s The Better Life, which is now certified six times platinum, featured the smash hit “Kryptonite” from which the Kryptonite Overdrive received its name. Their sophomore album, 2002’s Away from the Sun, saw similar success with its radio mainstays “When I’m Gone” and “Here Without You.” Their subsequent efforts 2005’s platinum certified Seventeen Days and 2008’s 3 Doors Down debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart and their most recent, Time of My Life released in August, debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart with 59,800 copies sold in its first week.

John Petrucci and the Body Blow

We recently visited our good friend and Majik Box Body Blow user John Petrucci at the Nokia Theater last Sunday for the second date on Dream Theater's A Dramatic Turn of Events U.S. Tour. The band played like they had a new lease on life, with new drummer Mike igniting a new spark in the band while taking over the drum stool like he had been there for years.

John's playing was on fire, with his guitar tone sounding a bit more stripped down and raw than before. His Mesa Mark 5 / Axe Fx II / Body Blow lead tone was something to behold - it just sounded like, well, liquid fire! Check out a great interview and a breakdown of John's current rig in the latest issue of Premier Guitar digital edition. View the article here:

John's current live rig:

John Petrucci's current live rig


If you notice, we've reduced the waiting time for all of our pedals. This is due to our improved facilities in Torrance, CA which will allow for more efficient production.

We'd like to thank our loyal customers who have allowed us to grow and
expand our operation.

We recently had the opportunity to see Mr. Big at the Galaxy Theater in Anaheim.
It was awesome to see the band performing in their full glory, sprinkling some of their new material in among their backlog of classic material.  Though I've seen the band many times, in their 90's heyday and in every configuration thereafter, I have to say that they've never sounded better than at the Galaxy.  Paul’s Fuzz Universe infused solo section sounded just sick!  If you have a chance to see them on their current tour, do so.  You will not be disappointed!

We’d like to introduce a new Majik Box dealer, Tone Freaks District in Seoul, Korea.  If you’re in their neck of the woods, please give our good friend and Tone Freaks main man Joon Lee a shout!


Up for auction is a Majik Box Body Blow pedal, the actual one used by Marty on his latest CD, Bad DNA.  Marty has signed the pedal and is thrilled that we are putting it up for auction.  All proceeds will go to the Red Cross in support of Red Cross Japan.  This auction will begin on Monday, May 9. 

Link to Auction 

And thank you for your generous support!


Have you guys checked out the new Whitesnake CD Forevermore yet? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. I can safely say that this new and improved version of Whitesnake, now featuring the amazing Brian Tichy on drums and Michael Devin on bass, kicks some serious ass! The guitar sounds are stellar of course, and both Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach are playing better than ever. Even Mr. Coverdale, although rumored to have voice issues several years ago, sounds like he's in great vocal form. Released worldwide on Frontiers Records, Forevermore made its worldwide debut bowing in the Top 50 of multiple countries' album charts. In the United States, Forevermore comes in at #48 on the Billboard Top 200 Current Album chart and arrives even higher in numerous European countries. Forevermore charts at #6 in Sweden, #11 in Finland, #15 in the Czech Republic, #16 in Germany, #17 in Switzerland, #27 in Austria, #41 in Italy and #42 in both The Netherlands and Poland, respectively. Congrats guys!

Mr. Big has just kicked off their world tour, starting in Japan. Make sure to catch them live - their current set is just killer! Also, be sure to catch the current "That Metal Show" with Paul Gilbert guesting on guitar, as well as reruns of the show (featuring David Coverdale) with Doug Aldrich guesting on guitar. Both Paul and Doug play some tasty licks on the show, both also showcasing their respective signature pedals.

Studio guitarist extraordinaire Prashant Aswani (Justin Timberlake) is a new Majik Box endorser, using his Body Blow and Venom Boost to goose his bevy of Bogner amps. Prashant has agreed to shoot a video featuring the Body Blow for us, so stay tuned for that.

Marty Friedman was been in town earlier this month, working on his new CD at the infamous Village Recorders in Santa Monica. Marty was helping us test out a new prototype pedal during the guitar overdub process. We'll keep you posted on the results. While in town, he also recorded a special track (an instrumental version of the classic 60's hit Sukiyaki) as a tribute to the victims of the Japan earthquake with his buddy Steve Lukather. Check that out here:

Please welcome new Majik Box dealer, These Go to 11 in Sweden. Be sure to check them out if your in their area.


We'd like to welcome a new dealer, Gtr Gear in The Netherlands to the fold. They are true gear nuts just like the rest of us, so if you live in that region, you owe it to yourself to check them out.

Just got a message from Paul Gilbert that Mr. Big is about to start rehearsals for their upcoming tour of Japan. They're going to do a warm up gig on April 2 at the House of Blues in Hollywood, then head straight to Japan for a two week tour of Japan starting April 7. Of course, Paul will be using his Fuzz Universe pedal as a critical part of his rig on all those dates.

Also, coming soon is the new Whitesnake CD called Forevermore featuring Doug Aldrich as the prime mover behind the CD, co-writing, playing a majority of the guitars and co-producing the disc. Doug informed me that his trusty Rocket Fuel was the key to many of the sounds on the new CD.

Check out those monstrous tones on the 'Snake's new video for Love Will Set You Free here:


Crazy times at NAMM! We'd like to thank all of the great people we met at the NAMM show this year. We met with potential distributors from every territory in Europe, Australia and South East Asia. It's nice to know that we have great potential partners that want to help spread the gospel that is Majik Box. As usual, we are being very careful who we work with, and therefore at least until you hear differently from us, we will continue to sell direct to you (except in Japan) and through a few select dealers.

If you had a chance to visit the Bullet Cable booth at NAMM, you saw a great display featuring the Fuzz Universe. Thanks go to Kimmy and Ted at Core One, who were kind enough to make us a part of their awesome booth. Check out their new effects cable sets. They're the, bullet.

If you're in LA, be sure to check out Tone Merchants store in North Hollywood - no, you won't find Majik Box there, but they have some of the coolest toys around. Have you heard Dave Friedman's new amps? They are a must hear if you're in Dave and Rob's neighborhood.

You know, that several of you commented that the test video for the Rocket Fuel done by the French magazine Guitariste was awesome, but would be much better if it could be understood in English. Mylene Aldrich (Doug's lovely wife), did the translation for us, so you don't have to wonder any more, what the hell he's saying! Thanks Mylene! Check it out on in the Press section of our website.


Happy New Year Everybody!

It was a crazy 2010 for us, with December being our busiest month ever. Because of the huge demand for the pedals (as well as some untimely parts availability issues) we fell a bit behind in shipping as some of you know. We would like to thank each and everyone of our customers whowe're patient with us especially during the Christmas rush.

I'd like to share this video with anybody who has not seen it yet - it's the new single called Undertow from the upcoming Mr. Big CD What If...

The band sounds fantastic, with a ripping Paul Gilbert solo wrapped up in a melodic yet rocking tune. Great work Paul!


I also recently had a chance to hook up with Doug Aldrich for lunch and heard a number of tracks from the upcoming Whitesnake release Forevermore. Get ready to hear another classic Whitesnake CD but with a few twists - one track has a early seventies Stones type groove that just kills with some cool Richard's type of playing by Doug, and a epic track, a little reminiscent of Slip of the Tongue's Sailing Ships, but with a stronger melody and structure in my opinion, and a inspired extended guitar solo. And of course, there's lots of Rocket Fuel throughout the CD. Another outstanding CD from Doug, David and the boys.



First of all, I'd like to welcome our new German dealer Loopersparadise.  Check out their website at:  Frank Post and his staff are serious about their gear, and if you're in Germany, you're in luck because they should be able to take care of any of your needs, pedal board, rack or otherwise.  They will be recieving their first shipment of Majik Box products in December. 
Also, thanks to Guitars Rebellion in Paris, France for working so hard to spread  Majik Box name in the City of Lights.  Check out this cat Pascal Vigner, who recently purchased a Rocket Fuel at Guitars Rebellion and is now on tour with the pedal.  Smokin' player!
As most of you know, Paul Gilbert is currently in Europe, spreading the Fuzz Universe gospel, both CD and pedal.  Check out this clip of Paul and his stellar band rocking out the Yes classic "Roundabout."  Awesome! 

Went to see Paul Gilbert do a warm up show for his upcoming European tour last night at the House of Blues on Sunset.  He and his band were in excellent form!  From the balcony view I had, I could see Paul constantly stomping on both sides of his Fuzz Universe for various parts of every song.  Paul had the boost side of the pedal on most of the time, except for clean sections, and used the overdrive section for his solo work or sections that needed to sound heavier.  It was a totally cool stomp box experience overall - with Paul dropping in cool Airplane Flanger swooshes, Boss Sampler repeated lick effects throughout the evening. And who else could pull of Yes' Roundabout without Rick Wakeman or any keyboardist for that matter near by?  Tony Spinner, the other guitarist in Paul's band used Paul's 1976 Ibanez Destroyer for the whole evening.  Just a few days earlier, we dropped in two Sonic Source CL77 pickups in that guitar.  With those pickups, the guitar has been restored to it's earlier glory.  Actually, I should say improved from it's earlier glory.  That guitar had tone for days!!  Check out this video from the show:


Have you checked out Marty Friedman's new CD Bad DNA?  That is one badass CD!  It has elements of J-pop mixed in with Marty's unique metal sensibility and pure Marty Friedman shredding.  When Marty was at Village Recorders tracking the CD this past Spring, I brought over a Body Blow for Marty to check out.  Although most of the CD was already finished, he used copius amounts of the liquid sounding overdrive he dialed in from the Body Blow  through his Engl amps for a lot of the overdubs.  Check this track out: 
Fuzz Universe  -  Wow!! We'd like to thank you guys for the huge number of pre-orders.  You guys have totally exceeded our expectations.  All Fuzz Universe orders that were placed before October 1 are scheduled to ship during the first week of November. These will all come with a limited edition Paul Gilbert Fuzz Unvierse pick.
We have extended the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe pick promo until October 31 due to popular demand.  If you pre-order the Fuzz Universe on or before October 31, you will recieve a limited edition Paul Gilbert Fuzz Unvierse pick.  Fuzz Universe orders placed between now and October 31 should ship before the end of November.
Sonic Source T-shirt promo - Thank you for the pre-orders on the Sonic Source pickups.  All pick up orders recieved before October 1 will ship by October 15.  Please e-mail us with your T-shirt size preference if you have not done so already. 


Fuzz Universe – (Pre-orders now being taken.  Production officially begins on October 1 2010 - pre-ordered units will ship in early November.) Customers placing orders directly through our website via PayPal on or before October 1 will receive a free limited edition Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe pick with their pedal.

Well its official!  Our inbox has been flooded with questions and inquiries regarding the Fuzz Universe pedal.  We've spent 5 months working on this pedal with Paul Gilbert, and we've really nailed this thing.  Although the name suggests a fuzz pedal, it's actually an overdrive / boost.  Paul tends to call anything that produces distortion, fuzz, so we've taken to that terminology as well.  Read more about it on the Fuzz Universe page
One other announcement we'd like to make is the introduction of Sonic Source pickups by Majik Box.  You’re going to want to check these out.  Read more about them on the Sonic Source page.

Sonic Source pickups by Majik Box

SE77 pickup, SE77 Plus pickup and HH88 pickup 

Pre-ordering for October delivery begins now!  Order your pickups before October 1 and receive a free Sonic Source T-Shirt – Please specify T-shirt size in a separate email to us. 


February is here and we're good and energized for 2010!   Cool issue of Guitar Player Magazine, February issue with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on the cover.  Omar won't play a gig without his Body Blow (goosing his Orange amps for a lead boost) which is something were very proud of.

Lots of action at the NAMM show (we didn't have a booth, but we made plenty of new friends) meeting with potential international distributors for Majik Box.  We are putting the finishing touches on the forthcoming distortion pedal addition - but it's looking like a May debut at this point.



Crazy that November’s here already.  We’ve been working hard catching up on the orders and good news is, after a few parts backorders clearing up, we’re back to just a one month wait for the Rocket Fuel.  Speaking of the Rocket Fuel, Doug Aldrich is going back out on tour again later this month, this time with Dio.  Catch him this time around rack-less, with just a small pedal board featuring a Micro Buff, Rocket Fuel, Custom Audio Electronics wah and a few other goodies. 

Please check out the Venom Boost sound samples that our good friend Takeshi Akimoto (Ziggy Marley) has done for us.  You’ll be amazed with the tone he gets with the Venom Boost into a Fender Pro Junior, sometimes with a bit of goosing from a Body Blow.  Takeshi bought a Venom Boost from us just one month ago, and he’s been good enough to spread the gospel of that particular pedal to all his studio buddies in town.  Thanks Takeshi!

Also went to Sammy Hagar’s studio last week and hooked up with one of my favorite people, and early Majik Box supporter Vic Johnson (Waboritas).  Vic was at the studio tinkering around with his rack, so I took the opportunity to snap some shots while I was there.  Check out the new Rigs section of this website to see Vic’s current set-up.

The new distortion pedals I mentioned in August are still in the good old R&D phase, but keep your eye on this spot for further developments. 


Well, with summer in full swing, we’re getting’ sweaty while putting together all the orders.  The high profile player alluded to in the May report is now officially a Majik Box player – Dave Navarro, of Jane’s Addiction fame.   Dave was a faithful TS-9 devotee for years, until he plugged his axe into his Body Blow / Marshall JCM900 rig

In other news, were working on a couple of new pedals that we really think you’re going to dig.  Both distortion pedals, but each with a distinctly different vibe.  We’d like to tell you more, but things are likely to change quite a bit before they’re unleashed, so stay tuned.


The warm weather is upon us in LA, and we’re starting to get orders in for the big summer tours.  On that note, we have a new, very high profile player who recently ordered some pedals in preparation for a big reunion tour this summer.  We’ll keep you posted on how things work out.     


Check out a photo feature on Doug Aldrich’s live rig including the first production Rocket Fuel from their recent Japan tour in the Press section.


NAMM 2009 News – Couple of things we need to announce – we now have exclusive distribution of our original pedals in Japan via Musette Japan. You can reach them at: If you are a Japanese customer, please contact our friend Taka there. He’ll direct you to the nearest dealer in Japan. Please note that we will no longer sell or ship direct to Japan. Interest was high in Majik Box pedals at NAMM! Though we did not show at a booth, the inquiries from both potential distributors/dealers and artists were high. Please watch out for several new announcements as a result in the near future.


Has it really been six months since the last news update? Well, it’s been a busy six months for us. Thank you for the terrific response you’ve given us! We’re busy filling those orders, so if you have a pedal or mod on order, please know that we’re working as fast as we can. If you have any specific questions, you can always e-mail us at, and you know that we will always get back to you within 24 hours.



Welcome to the grand opening of the Majik Box USA website! Please feel free to puruse the site, and let us know if you have any questions regarding of any of our pedals or mods - you can always reach us at


Check out Omar Rodriguez –Lopez from The Mars Volta’s new rig, featuring his main overdrive pedal the Majik Box Body Blow, featured in the August issue of Japan’s premier rock guitar magazine, Young Guitar. The Body Blow replaces an old Line 6 DM4 Distortion Modeler that he had been using for years.